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Sep 03 2010

A Near-Perfect Blend of Creepy and Funny

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What the hell did we do before the internet? For years and years, people like this would have been kept away from the public eye, forever lost to sing in their bathroom mirror rather than into their webcam.

You can’t often say that something is both hilarious and unnerving, but that’s certainly the case here. What’s your vote, is this actually a kid, or is he one of those little people who just don’t grow and look like kids? I honestly am not kidding, I can’t tell.

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  • Sculptor

    Okay, I generally can’t refuse a puzzle, no matter how annoying or creepy the subject. I suffered through just enough of that, and with the aid of the pause feature, I’m thinking ‘little person’. Facial hair and acne ages him to at least 16, and bone structure of his head and hands (even allowing for camera lens distortion) shows traits of dwarfism. (I’m an artist who sculpts people; I can’t help but study them.)

  • Frank

    yeah, acne and also those rings he’s wearing… not a child

  • http://Xaotikdesigns.com Adam

    I’m reminded of Patton Oswalt, so I will say little person.

  • http://www.soldoutactivist.com Sold Out Activist

    Is the world ready for gay little people?

  • Ruby

    Yeah he’s older than he seems at first. But just as weird!



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