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Sep 02 2010

15 High School Photos of U.S. Politicians

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Lord knows we’ve had our fair share of crazy politicians and that got me thinking.  What in the hell were these people like in high school?  It’s hard to think that the person who holds the highest office in the world was a pimple faced day dreamer.  Well some of them harder than others.

But it’s kind of cool to see what these people looked like in their teen years.  Were they the cool kids?  Were they the dorks?  Did they get laid at their high school proms?

I’ll leave that to your interpretation but here are 15 high school photos of U.S. politicians…

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

Sarah Palin

Mike Huckabee

George W. Bush

George H.W. Bush

Bill Clinton

Jimmy Carter

Rod Blagojevich

Al Gore

Dick Cheney

Rudy Giuliani

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  • nocturnesthesia

    McCain was sexy in his army days, but if I ever admitted that outside the internet I’d probably have to join the witness protection program.



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