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Sep 01 2010

20 of the Most Classic “Sorority Girl” Pictures You’ll Remember

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I have nothing but anger and sadness when I see a picture like this.  Anger because I will never live that lifestyle again.  Sadness because I’ll most likely be masturbating about five minutes which will surely be followed by a long cry due to my boring life.

College was the best and there’s just no getting around that.  When the hell else in your life (unless you’re super rich or famous) will you get to go to a party where every girl is dressed like this?  I’m starting to get suicidal here.   Seriously my life is ending one minute at a time here.

Well, if you want to be tortured then you might enjoy these sorority pictures…..

They’re all hot but from a drunk college perspective?  I’m pretty sure I like the 3rd from the left.   Yes three other girls are prettier than her but something tells me she’s the dirtiest.  I can feel it.

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