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Aug 30 2010

Dude, What the Hell is Wrong With You?

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Why is it that you never really see this kind of crap in the United States?  It’s always in some weird country where their custom is to eat bugs or throw paint on each other for no reason.  I simply don’t understand this stuff.

Roll around on branches with thorns?  Like what does that accomplish?  What will this do for a person?

I guess look at the pictures if you must…..

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Aug 30 2010

Power Hungry Facebook is Trying to Trademake ‘Face’

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Good lord Facebook, when will it end? First you share our data with everyone on earth unless we uncheck a ton of boxes, and now you’re trying to trademarks common english language words? You’ve got to be kidding me.

“I’d bet against ‘face’ being awarded to Facebook,” said Henry Sneath, a patent and trademark lawyer based in Pittsburgh. “You cannot overtake the use of a generic word people use in everyday speech.”

“If you search the patent database, there are thousands of marks that contain the word ‘face,’” Greenspan said. “I understand where Facebook is coming from, but this move has big implications for my company and for others.”

Facebook’s separate fight over “book,” on the other hand, has been more of a David vs. Goliath saga.

Oh God, they’re trying to trademark ‘book’ too? Why don’t they just go ahead and copyright the letters F, A, C, E, B, O and K while they’re at it? Thn w wuld hv t typ lik this.

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Aug 30 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Las Vegas Hottie Jennifer Borgsdorf

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Vegas should be very proud of Jennifer Borgsdorf.  I’m not 100% sure why but from her bio it never said anything like “I won’t do nudes!”  So that’s what’s making me hang on at this point.

I’m open to doing pretty, glam, fashion, sexy, dirty, unpretty. If you have a unique concept let’s talk. I’m interested in doing magazines, calendars, art, fashion, etc. If I seem like someone you would like to work with, please feel free to send me a message and we can go from there!

See?  She’s open to being dirty.  Obviously that up for interpretation but with a body like that…come on.

More pics after the jump…..

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Aug 30 2010

Safety First!

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Look, I know you just got a brand new computer and you don”t have one friend with a van or a pickup truck, but I have to believe they probably had some spare bungie cords lying around at the computer store. There’s really no need to literally put your LIFE on the line, for your new, soon-to-be obsolete computer.

And seriously, what the hell kind of computer did you gt where it came in a box that massive? I just picked up a new HP, and I could have fit like 14 of them in my Ford Focus which is infinitely smaller than this.

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Aug 30 2010

Arabs Know How to Get Down Too

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I know I don’t always understand other cultures, but someone please tell me how this is remotely cool to ANYONE. I understand they might not have all the same rockin artists we have over here in the US, but really, is it necessary to dance with this much disregard for rhythm or timing or style, or any other of the million components of good dancing I could bring up here.

I appreciate the effort, as I’m sure rule under the Taliban didn’t allow this sort of thing, but you’re really going to have to step your game up.

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Aug 30 2010

20 Sexy Celebrity Twitter Pics

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Remember the days when Myspace and Friendster were huge?  It’s funny because it’s not like they’re not still huge.  I mean they’re a damn site larger than 99% of websites out there.  It’s just that you don’t hear those names today.  Now it’s Facebook and Twitter.   And of all the social networking sites Twitter clearly has the strong hold on celebrity.

I mean have you ever seen personal celebrity pictures on other social networking sites nearly as much as you see on Twitter?  Hell no.  And speaking of celebrity pictures, you gotta love how some of the female celebs out there have taken to Twitter.

For example check out these 20 personal pics.  They are quite enjoyable….

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Aug 30 2010

Five Things You Don’t Want to Watch in HD

Published by under Editorial

Amazingly enough I’ve gone the last five or six years without owning an HDTV.   And it wasn’t because I couldn’t afford one or didn’t want one but I lived in a small apartment and figured I’d get them once I moved into a house.  For the most part I love owning HDTV’s.   The quality is great and it’s about 100 times better than my old 500 lb clunkers.

However I will say there are a few drawbacks to owning an HD television.   Some programs simply shouldn’t be watched.  Trust me folks.  There are some things that just don’t need more details.

Here are five such things…..

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Aug 30 2010

Monday’s Madness: Lindsay Lohan at Home, Foreign Language in Movies, Best Horse Race Ever

Published by under Monday Madness

Click on the photo for 5 things Lohan will do in home confinement

Honestly unless it’s to do nude photos I don’t think Lindsay Lohan should be allowed anywhere.  It’s gonna take one hell of a rehab program to get this girl on track.  The most annoying part of all of this is that Lohan makes more money than you, me, and most of America.

More interesting factoids at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

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Aug 29 2010

My Son: “One Day You Will Rule this Land”

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Any other captions?  I just thought it was kind of appropriate.  That or “who the f*ck is this kid?  someone better pick his ass up before I toss him.”

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Aug 29 2010

Dumb and Dumber Inception Style

Published by under Video,Video of the Day

Yeah I know it’s been a while since Inception came out and was all popular but this is for lack of a better phrase “friggin’ awesome.”  I’ve seen some recut trailers in my day but this one couldn’t be any more “accurate.”  Wow.

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