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Aug 30 2010

Five Things You Don’t Want to Watch in HD

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Amazingly enough I’ve gone the last five or six years without owning an HDTV.   And it wasn’t because I couldn’t afford one or didn’t want one but I lived in a small apartment and figured I’d get them once I moved into a house.  For the most part I love owning HDTV’s.   The quality is great and it’s about 100 times better than my old 500 lb clunkers.

However I will say there are a few drawbacks to owning an HD television.   Some programs simply shouldn’t be watched.  Trust me folks.  There are some things that just don’t need more details.

Here are five such things…..


This is the most obvious and honestly it could go either way.   But in general I would say to stay away from porn in HD.  There are some details you simply don’t want to see and pimples on a girls ass are definitely one of them.  Oh and let’s not forget to mention dudes.  If you’re watching hardcore you’re gonna see some unruly hair and I just don’t need that.  Give me blurry and my imagination, thanks.

Nova and Their Medical Programs

Nova is a great program but stay away from the episodes where they show stuff like open heart surgery and colon examinations.  I mean unless you’re a doctor I’m not sure why you’d be watching these programs but the detail is just a little too gory for my taste.  Now nature shows on the other hand.  Those are awesome.

Lifetime Network

Golden Girls 24/7 in my face in High Def?  No thanks.

Soap Operas

Have you ever noticed that HD programming kind of make a sitcom look more like a home movie?  More to the point.  It kind of makes it look like a soap opera.  So when you take a soap opera and add an HD component it’s like being in the nexus of the universe.  It’s definitely a little scary.  Plus the amount of make up these people wear?  Wait.  I don’t watch soap operas.

Non HD DVD’s or Channels

Nothing’s worse than when you’re watching some 80s movie that your TV tries to make HDish.  It’s terrible.  I was watching Overboard the other day on the WE network and it was supposedly HD.  It’s like some half ass effort that looks like total shit.  I’d  rather just watch it with a VCR and an old school projection TV.

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