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Aug 30 2010

Dude, What the Hell is Wrong With You?

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Why is it that you never really see this kind of crap in the United States?  It’s always in some weird country where their custom is to eat bugs or throw paint on each other for no reason.  I simply don’t understand this stuff.

Roll around on branches with thorns?  Like what does that accomplish?  What will this do for a person?

I guess look at the pictures if you must…..

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  • Velku

    A lot of times this kinda stuff has to do with religion. Why does somebody crucifies himself, put on a crown of thorns and let people yet at him after being carrying a big ass cross? Because they want to pay their respects to Jesus sacrifice. Thank god I’m an atheist

  • Wtf

    No different than the millions of morons who get tattooed and mutilate themselves in the name of… Still not quite sure. Like you’ve never seen a guy lie on a bed of nails.



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