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Aug 27 2010

Hide Your Secret Meth Lab by Pretending You’re a Terrorist

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It’s highly suspicious when you by large amount of chemicals in bulk, as I’ve learned from watching Breaking Bad, but there are some better cover stories you can choose from other than what this guy thought of.

The man then asked to buy chemicals to make chloroform and when the store’s owner refused, Matirniy said he was a “homemade chemist” and began talking about “September 11th” and making bombs from acid.

Based on the suspect’ ramblings, detectives believed the man’s home might contain explosives and obtained a search warrant to look for explosives at the home.

Instead of finding explosives however, they found a methamphetamine lab and evacuated neighboring homes, then called the DEA for assistance. DEA technicians arrived around 9:30 p.m., determined the home presented no immediate danger and secured the home.

This would have been the worst Breaking Bad season finale ever. He should be in jail for being a moron, not making meth. Well probably both, but you get what I mean.

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