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Aug 27 2010

Five Inevitable Dressing Style Changes That Happen as You Get Elderly

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We all get old (assuming we don’t die early) eventually.  And whether it’s our minds that go or simply what society deems as acceptable as an elderly person, we go through tons of changes.  No longer can we control our bowels as much and we certainly won’t stand for crappy service in a deli.

One thing that really takes a hit?  Our fashion sense.  Whether you like it or not you’re gonna seriously change your gear when you start to creep up on the age department.

Here are five inevitable dressing style changes that occur as you age….

Shirt Tuck Ins

Honestly I don’t remember the last time I tucked my shirt in with the exception of wearing dress clothes or going to work.  Also, I haven’t had a real job in over 3 years (unless you count me sitting in my boxers writing this a real job) so what the hell would I know?  But doesn’t it seem that old dudes are always tucking their shit in?

Ridiculous Sneakers

Call me crazy but 99% of old dudes wear shoes that remind me of what Herman Munster wore.  The amount of extra padding and cushioning in the soles is mesmerizing.  If it were socially acceptable I’d be wearing these shoes right now.

Higher Socks

I’m 31 and I’m already falling victim to not caring how high my socks are.  By the time I’m 60 I’ll definitely have them up to my knees.

Super High Pants

When the wasteline becomes the belly button you know you’re getting old.  Every guy denies it’ll happen to him but man if it just doesn’t creep up on ya.

Weird Things to Shield you From the Sun

Do young people EVER wear those sunglasses that go around your entire head?  No.

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