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Aug 26 2010

Four Things Males Always Regret Doing But Do So Again and Again

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I’m proud to be a male.  I will always be proud to be a male.  I could not even fathom my life if I were a female and I’m pleased to say I will never have to be a woman.  And being a male carries great responsibility.  You must display some degree of toughness.  You must like sports.  You must drink beer.  You must spit occasionally, etc etc.

Blah Blah.  You don’t have to do any of these things but most typical men fit this description.   And most typical men do very stupid things.  Things that you’ll do yet find yourself doing again on occasion.

Here are four things males always regret doing but do so again and again….

Masturbating more than once in a day

I think that two times is the cutoff as long as each session has at least 5-6 hours in between.  But have you ever done it three times?  I mean Jesus what the hell is wrong with me?  It hurts plenty after time two so why a third?  And yet you’ll find yourself doing this at least once a month.  Tell me I’m not alone here.

Sex with Ex Girlfriends That You Broke up With

Sex is sex.  There’s no doubt about that one but there’s a reason an ex girlfriend is an EX.   I mean it’s one thing if she dumped you and you get to hate f*ck her.  It’s another if you dumped her and get all wrapped up into that stupid scenario again.  Just don’t do it.   It’s not worth it.  It truly is not.

Drinking until you puke

Here’s one that will never go away.  And I’m not referring to alcoholics either.  I mean we’ve all been hung over like 1000s of times right?  But rarely do we drink until we vomit.  And when we do?  Why in the world would we want to do this again?  Because we’re dudes that’s why.  Oh and we’re also idiots.

Fast Food Feats

Eating a crave case of white castle.  Eating an obscene amount of chicken nuggets.  How about having 8 Taco Supremes?  You get the gist of this right?  Thought so.  I mean we feel like utter shit after eating fast food yet we always come back to it.  Why oh why are we this dumb?

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