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Aug 23 2010

Five Fun Things About Moving

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I’m finally settling into my new home and I have to say that yes, it was extremely stressful but now I’m kind of happy.  I am a first time home owner so I guess this move should be one of if not my last move of my life.  But one thing I’ve noticed about moving is that people always seem to focus on the bad side of moving.

People hate dragging all their shit from one place to another.   People hate the organization.  The packing into boxes.  The setting up movers.  The whole deal.  Honestly it kind of sucks.

However, I have to admit that with all the bad there were some fun things about moving as well.  Here are 5 worth noting……

A fresh start on life

New Life

While you get totally stressed out about moving remember one thing:  life starts over, at least from a geographical perspective.  But mentally moving can be a great thing.  It takes you away from all the bad memories you might have of your previous location.  You might be excited about starting over, making it happen.   While that sentiment might not stick it’s good in the short term.

A new environment


Who the hell wants to stay in a shitty little apartment all their lives?  Then again some people have to move from mansions to dust.  But if you’re someone who is blessed with being able to move to a nicer, better location you might be excited about those prospects.  I for one am enjoying the burbs.  I like having a car.  And I like being close to family.

More Space


For those doing the apartment to house switch may I just say it’s a pleasure.  My entire apartment was filled with boxes before I moved.  When those boxes landed in my house they looked like a spec of nothing in the basement.  Almost sad in a way.  I realized how little possessions I truly do have.

“Getting it Over With”


Ever do a laundry and dread it?  I think we all have.  You can’t stand putting in the clothes, taking them out, folding them.  It sucks.  But when the clothes are all folded and put away, how awesome does that feel?  Same goes for moving.  It’s just nice to “get it over with.”



I remember thinking how dreadful it would be to go to Home Depot and other stores to get little trinkets for the house.  It’s actually not dreadful at all.  In fact it’s a delight.   I love going food shopping now.  And I have no qualms about getting cool stuff for the house because I own it.  I must admit, it feels good.

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