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Aug 23 2010

If You’re Korean, This Should Make You Want Ice Cream

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Usually for something like this, I am saying “WTF Japan?” but now it’s “WTF Korea?” as they have one of the strangest ice cream commercials I’ve ever seen.

They’ve hired a pretty cute actress who cannot sing or dance to save her life, to sing and dance around while holding an ice cream bar. Not really sure the connection here, nor why they didn’t hire someone who could ACTUALLY sing or dance, but I suppose that makes it WTF enough for me to post it here. Mission accomplished Korea, mission accomplished.

Side note: I hate when I write articles like and people say “Don’t you mean SOUTH Korea?” Yes, of course I do moron, like Kim Jon Il even allows girls to wear shorts or look cute. All cute North Koreans are in his harem.

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