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Aug 18 2010

Asians Get Their Own Slang: What’s Up My Ninja?

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How did no Asians ever think of this until now? For years, black people have been the coolest minority, with the ability to saw “What’s up my nigga” in a way that us white guys can’t come close to. But now, the Asians are emerging as a new challenger with “What’s up my ninja.”

This video demonstrates all the various ways that the new term can be used. I even think white people are allowed to use it, just because it’s super awesome and has no associations with past racial injustices. You couldn’t round up and harass and kill ninjas, they would be having none of that and you would find yourself with a pair of Sai’s through your racist brain.

Watch the video and please start using this in day-to-day conversation with Asians.

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