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Aug 16 2010

Four Highly Overrated Sexual Situations

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I’m not sure if this happens when you’re older and have had enough sex to get picky or what.  However, there are some sexual situations that look great in the movies that in reality just don’t cut it.  Don’t get me wrong.  I suppose it’s a treat to have sex in whatever situation you can pull it off in.

However, when you’re married and you want to “spice it up” perhaps movies aren’t the greatest reference.  And possibly those props and spaces to use might not be the best idea.

Here are four highly overrated sexual situations….

Sex on the Beach


I got one word for you.  Sand.  Sand in your hair.  Sand on your balls.  Sand in your ass.  If you’re a female.  Sand in the vagina.  It’s just all around sand.  It may look romantic in movies but let me tell you from experience it’s absolutely awful and actually can be quite painful.

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup Stuff

Whipped Cream

It seems sexy.  It seems fun.  And to be honest while you’re in the act of doing these things it can be quite enjoyable.  But let’s face it.  These are sweet foods that get really sticky and gross.  While it may look hot and all, it’s a nasty cleanup and it’s just not as comfortable or sexy as you might think.

Sex in Water


Why do people talk about this?  Have you ever masturbated in the shower?  It’s awful.  So why would sex in a bathtub be any good?  I’ve done it and it sucks.  The whole point of sex is the lubrication.  Once you take that out of the equation it’s kind of a moot point no?  I mean I guess it can be romantic but it’s just not the same as in a bed.

In a Car


Unless you’re in a stretched limo sex in a car is never comfortable, ever.  Maybe road head is fun but that’s about all.

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

3 responses so far

  • http://lacrox.wordpress.com Lacrox

    I Feel sorry for you. If you know how to do it you can realy enjoy them. Of course that you will find some problems in any place, but with a little patience you can make every place a romantic place to enjoy.

    Just try it.

  • http://socalglamourgirls.com/daisy Daisy

    I couldn’t agree more. Sex on the beach it way over rated and painful! But, giving BJ’s on the beach is nice …

  • gb

    Me and my old lady tried the chocolate syrup in bed once. Awful. It looked like diarrhea all over the place.



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