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Aug 13 2010

The Seven Most Popular Viral Toilet Videos According to You

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Just the other day I was sitting in my house and I recall hearing my wife scream out something from the bathroom while she was clearly sitting on the toilet.  Is it me or is it funny when people are talking from the bathroom while the door is closed?

I think it’s the fact you know they’re possibly taking a dump yet talking about normal things.  It’s like if you saw someone naked on the subway and were carrying on a normal conversation with them.

In any event it got me thinking about Youtube and the Sittin’ on tha Toilet video.  I wanted to see what you, the viewers felt were the best toilet videos.

Here are the top seven…..

Cameras Hidden in Women’s Toilet

Over 9MM views.  I can’t believe how not funny this is.   This is number one?

Sittin’ on tha Toilet

Over 8 MM views.  This means that over 8 million people absolutely love an obese woman shouting “sittin’ on tha toilet” more than any other toilet video in existence except for one.  Way to go guys.

Cat Peeing in the Toilet

2.3 MM views – as you can see a big drop off from the hefty mama singing her song.  How is this remotely amusing?

Candid Camera Toilet

1.79 MM views – OK this is pretty funny

Toilet Head Prank

1.38 MM views -  This also pretty damned funny.

Three Men in a Toilet

views -  Gross

Japanese Toilet Commercial

561K views – You guys know how I feel about Japanese anything.  Amazing.  There were two videos that had more views than this but I don’t care.

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