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Aug 09 2010

Four Reasons Why Big Family Vacations Can Suck

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I recently got back from a huge family trip to St. Maarten.  We were celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday so my mother planned this thing.  There were ten of us including my wife, my sister and her family, my brother and his wife, and my parents.  It was a fantastic trip and overall I’ll rate it as memorable and a positive experience.

However that doesn’t mean I would recommend a trip like this to everyone.  When you get down to it, these trips can be downright ugly at times.  So if you’re thinking, “oh boy! what a fun trip this will be!” be prepared for some shit.

Here are 5 reason why big family vacations can be bad

The Psycho Member of the Family


Every family has one.  Could be the crazy uncle.  Could be the nutty sister.  Whatever the case you just never know what’s gonna happen with these wild cards.  They could show up to dinner wasted.  They could bet their savings at the black jack table.  While the suspense might be fun you really don’t want these types hanging over your head.  Trust me.

When children are involved

Annoying Kids

I love my niece and nephew but I felt bad for my sister and husband at times.  Children are so much damned work I can’t even begin to feel what they feel.  It’s a constant struggle and when one’s intention is to go away and relax, kids make that impossible.  They’re always hungry and they always want to do 15 things in the span of 15 minutes.  It’s exhausting.  Plus when the hell can you have sex?  Ugh.

Not Everyone is On the Same Page


When you have a group of ten people, it’s really tough to want to do all the same things at the same time.  On my trip it’s not as though we hung out every single minute but I know that there were certain things my folks may have wanted to do that I simply did not, nor did my siblings.  I mean it is what it is but it can certainly be awkward at times when there are big disagreements.

Money Issues are always annoying


No matter which way you cut it, money makes everything weird.  Who’s paying for what?  Disputes over checks.  Who is paying for activities?  You name it.  If I planned a family trip I would 100% make it all inclusive so there were never any money issues.

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