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Jul 30 2010

Friday’s Funbag: Reality Shows Worth Watching, Kelly Brook is Heaving, and Sweaty Chicks

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Click on the photo for more reality shows worth watching

Cracked would have no problem with reality shows if they weren’t all unwatchable turds.  So they went out and asked their readers to come up with some clever photoshops describing shows that might actually work if on TV.  The results were awesome.

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The Funbag

Kelly Brook’s cleavage is disturbingly awesome – [Extramustard]

Nothing’s better than a gallery of sweaty chicks – [Maxim]

A fantastic animated short of the day – [The DW]

Time for celebrities to “slip” up – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Check out the five best things of today – [Dip Dip]

What are the 50 fattest foods in America? – [Attuworld]

The hottest one hundred women from New Jersey – [Brobible]

Are you kidding me?  A robotic masturbator! – [Sublime Blog]

This is the Wal Mart picture of the day – [Onequickbeer]

Turtles and Dogs both like cheerios – [Regretfulmorning]

Twenty one interesting facts about sex – [Manofest]

A commercial that’s so funny you must watch – [Icanhasinternets]

Cop robs and sexually assaults woman – [Pedal to the Metal]

This might be the most epic picture of all time – [Ned Hardy]

Adriana Lima looks lovely in a swimsuit – [Don Chavez]

This is by far the best girlfriend ever – [The Chive]

A fine gratuitous gallery of Shakira looking sexy – [Flisted]

Claudia Costa is looking quite flexible – [Heyman Hustle]

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