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Jul 29 2010

Five Animals That Might Seem Gross to Eat But That I’d Definitely Try

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I would like to go on record in saying that I enjoy eating meat but it doesn’t mean I’m some sicko because I’m writing an article like this.  I’m simply bringing up a topic of conversation that I happen to find interesting.  While it might be gross to think about it, perhaps it would give us all comfort in feeling that some things just aren’t that gross to eat.

Here are five animals I would definitely eat and the reasons why I would…..

*Once again I’d like to stress that I have not real desire to try these meats, however I just get the feeling they’d be good.

Human Beings


I first had the craving for human being when I saw this nutty episode of Tales from the Crypt which aired in 1992.  It starred Christopher Reeve and was entitled “What’s Cookin’.”  And of course, Judd Nelson.  He offers them a unique steak recipe for their failing restaurant.  It turns out to be (you guessed it) human flesh.  Think about it though.  We have muscles in our legs, fat in our asses.  I guarantee if seasoned and cooked right, human flesh would be very tasty.  I’m not saying I want to eat but I am saying that there’s no way it’d be bad.



Any time something is mentioned in Seinfeld I have to pay attention.  Given that George once tried an Ostrich burger I think I owe it to myself to eventually have the same.



There’s a Facebook group called “Eating Gorilla Foreskin for Breakfast Tastes Good.”   What in God’s name is wrong with society?  Seriously though, in the same light as human flesh I could easily see Gorilla meat tasting just fine.

Komoto Dragon 


Ever see the movie The Freshman?    I just feel like the Komoto Dragon would be a higher powered version of Frogs Legs or something.  I don’t really know how else to explain it.  I don’t know.  I just know it’d be good.



Just the sheer size of this animal leads me to believe that there’s gotta be at least a few places where the meat is awesome.  I mean look at a cow.  There’s just so many parts that are delicious.  I’d have to think a bear would be similar.

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