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Jul 21 2010

The Ten Most Memorable 80s Rookie Baseball Cards

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Nothing takes me back to childhood more than baseball cards.   I mean if I can make a time line in my life before the age of 16 I could easily construct it using particular baseball cards that came out during certain years.   And if any of you were avid collectors like myself you’ll agree with me when I say we could remember every damned detail about those cards.

From the colors to the statistics to the smell of the bubble gum when you opened a new Topps pack hoping for a favored rookie card.  Man I wish baseball cards didn’t suck so badly today.  Not to mention all my great cards are worth nothing now.

In any event I decided to come up with a list of 10 cards from the 80s that will take you back.  Enjoy….

Ken Griffey Jr. ’89 Upper Deck

Griffey Jr

Remember when this thing was worth like 200 bucks?  Everyone and anyone wanted to get their claws on this gem.  What a card this was.  And forget about it if you actually got it in a pack.  Wow.

Any Don Mattingly Rookie Card


Or you can go with the wet glove 84 fleer.  The tops one is badass because he has a mustache but again, any one will do.  Mattingly cards were the shit.

Mark McGwire 1985 Olympic Card


I used to love finding out that there were cards before the rookie cards.  Had baseball cards been valuable when he broke the home runs records you could have gotten something for this thing.

Billy Ripken F**kface – ’87 Fleer

Billy Ripken

Easily one of the most recognizable baseball cards in the history of baseball cards.

’85 Topps Clemens Rookie Card


It’s not as good as the card where he’s all sweaty but it’s classic.  The Rocket.

’83 Topps Traded Strawberry Rookie Card


Again, ’84 was his rookie card but when people realized there was an actual ’83 card and from a traded set no less?  It was a must have.

’83 Tops Tony Gwynn Rookie


Look how thin he is!

’86 Donruss Jose Canseco


Mustache.  Enough said.  You will not find one other Canseco mustache card out there.

’80 Topps Ricky Henderson


Wow.  1980.  Really stretching the limit here.

’85 Topps Eric Davis


Anyone who doesn’t remember this card is a total moron.

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  • HotCarl

    I had the Mcgwire Olympic card when I was younger. I had the whole 1985 topps set including the Olympic cards. I sold them to a baseball card vendor for 30 bucks and three months later he broke the home run record. The card was worth a few thousand dollars by the end of the year. All because I needed money for weed. :(

  • ip

    sick post. you nailed it.



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