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Jul 21 2010

Amish Teen Led Cops on a Horse and Buggy Chase

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How do you become the most badass kid in the Shire? They do call it the Shire right? Whatever. Anyway, to be the coolest Amish kid around, you probably want to get yourself into a low-speed police chase, like young Levi here. What the hell happened?

Levi Detweiler, a 17-year-old Amish youth, allegedly led sheriff’s deputies on a mile-long, presumably low-speed chase, after running a stop sign in his horse and buggy and refusing to pull over.

Do they train for this at the police academy?

Deputies said they spotted Detweiler ignoring the stop sign last week. According to police, the teen then led them on a chase that ended when he lost control on a sharp turn into a driveway and overturned the buggy into a ditch. He then fled on foot.

The Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office said that after a week-long investigation they have arrested and charged Detweiler with underage possession of alcohol, overdriving an animal, reckless endangerment, failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Overdriving an animal? That’s a charge in New York? Also, that poses a question, can you get a DUI when driving a horse and buggy? I feel like your BAC should be much higher than the usual standard. Either that, or your horse would have to be drunk too.

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