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Jul 20 2010

Just The Tip Tuesday: NYC Local Smokeshow, Not the Happiest Fairy Tales, and Weird Science

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Click on the photo for the NYC smokeshow of the day

Introducing Kirsten from FIT and Miller Place, Long Island.  If you guys need some sort of witty commentary from anyone to enjoy this fine little lady then perhaps something is wrong with you.  I’m just too tired from all this.

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The Tips

Eight fairy tales and their not so happy endings – [Mentalfloss]

How the movie Weird Science actually predicted the future – [Cracked]

Nicole Wilkins Lee is a hot chick who can kick your ass – [Unathletic]

I will never get tired of the summer of George – [Withleather]

If you need celebrity “slips” go here – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Twenty five of the most horrifying meat products – [Manofest]

The best proof that wrestling is by far fake – [Attuworld]

Who is the better street performer? – [Ned Hardy]

Jenna Pietersen’s beauty is unmatched – [Heyman Hustle]

When a race car crashes into a crowd of people – [Pedal to the Metal]

The fifteen hottest girls from Scotland – [Brobible]

A great example of truth in advertising – [Icanhasinternets]

I case you missed the wild girls of Friday – [Funtasticus]

This is definitely the best “wine rack” ever – [Regretfulmorning]

Check out this dog video of the day – [The DW]

Gemma Atkinson showing off in a bikini – [Don Chavez]

A great gallery of FAP worthy pictures – [NS4W]

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