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Jul 20 2010

Five Anti-Technology Challenges That Will Make You A Better Person

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The other day I was at a wedding and I got into a very interesting conversation with a person with whom I now admire greatly.  First of all he was an interesting guy in general but when he told me he didn’t own a television or a cell phone I had to talk to this guy for longer.  Not to get into the entire conversation but let’s just say the guy is well read and his reasoning for these omissions in his life make a ton of sense.

Now I know know my whole job is on the computer, however even I can understand where technology is kicking our ass.  Technology is great, don’t get me wrong.  However, my conclusion was that for personal interaction and relationships, technology can be extremely harmful (but yes I think beneficial in some ways, mostly for business).

I mean when kids use the word “friend” to describe someone they only know through Facebook?  To me that’s scary.  While we don’t have to do this at all times, perhaps we should take moments in our lives to forget about technology for a while.

Which is why I’m posing these five anti-tech challenges to you today….

Go One Whole Day Without Watching TV


Do you think you can do it?  It’s way harder than you think.  The average American spends 28 hours a week on the TV.  That’s pretty insane.  That’s over 4 hours a day.    What would you do in those four hours?  Just think of the possibilities.  Read a book?  Take a walk?  You actually have to think about your day.  God forbid.  I’ll bet you a million bucks you’d actually enjoy it.

Go One week without sending a text message


This one is more for the younger generation but can you imagine how tough it would be for them?  God forbid you actually have to pick up the phone and speak to a person.  Even worse, actually meet them somewhere!  Oh no!

Go An Entire Week Without a Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Somehow things got done in the 80s and before without cell phones didn’t they?  We wonder how but come on people.  We all have brains.  Life did exist before the cell phone.  Sure if you get lost and need directions having a cell phone comes in handy but we don’t always have to have them.  There are phones everywhere.  Put yours to the side for a week.

Go a Whole Day without Being on a Computer


This I don’t know if I can do but man does it force you to really think about what you can do that day.

Do all of the Above at the Same Time for One Day


Think you can muster the strength to do that?  I know I couldn’t but boy it would be interesting to try.   Maybe I could get through two entire books in one day.  That would be a feat.

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  • eric

    not watching tv: i only get the chance once maybe twice a weak

    not sending texts: i send one or two a month

    no cell for a weak: no can do fro me i have no land line in my home so my cell is the only way i have to receive calls from my family or costumers

    Go a Whole Day without Being on a Computer: this work because i am a photographer, unless i have a full day of shoots or nothing to work on i could



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