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Jul 14 2010

Five Athletes That Need Their Own Late Night Shows

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Ocho Cinco

It takes a certain kind of personality to have one’s own talk show.  There’s gotta be a level of confidence, presence, and of course humor to go along with everything else.  It’s a tough combination to find but if there are any people that might be a fit for this profession I definitely think there are some athletes that could step up for the job.

I’ve taken a look at the big three (NFL, NBA, MLB) and come up with five potential candidates that could have their own successful late night talk shows if given the opportunity.

Hope you enjoy the picks…

Chad Ocho Cinco

He’s got the personality.  He’s certainly got the confidence.  And judging by this video he’s got the experience already.  Plus the man appeared on Dancing with the Stars.  What else does Ocho Cinco have to prove?   Not to mention he’s devilishly handsome.  The guy’s got all the tools to be a great late night host.

Shaquille O’Neal

The obvious choice.  Clearly Shaq would never be nervous in front of a big crowd.  His imposing size alone would warrant our attention.  And of course he’d have to freestyle about Kobe at least once a show.

Bruce Chen

Most people don’t know this but apparently the majority of major league players think that Bruce Chen is the funniest guy in the league.  And every chance he gets he tries to mess with people.  He’s got my vote.

Ryan Dempster

Similar to Bruce Chen, players love this guy.  And judging by this video he clearly doesn’t mind being in front of a crowd while trying to be funny.

Charles Barkley

He’s not a current athlete but come on.  I think Barkley is one of the funniest guys on television, bar none.

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