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Jul 13 2010

The Annual Redneck Games are a Pig Sty Full of Fun

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Yes, there actually is something called the Redneck Games, which I just discovered through this LIFE photo gallery here. Quite the even to get LIFE photographers to show up I must say, and some of these pictures are downright amazing.

So what events might you expect in the games here? Well I’ll tell y’all right now!

  • The cigarette flip
  • Bobbing for pig’s trotters
  • Seed spitting
  • Toilet seat throwing
  • Mud pit belly flop
  • Big-hair contest
  • Wet T-shirt contest
  • Armpit serenade
  • Bug zapping by spitball
  • Dumpster diving
  • Hubcap hurling

Armpit serenade? Delicious. Bug zapping by spitball? Now that’ just impressive. The one you see above is clearly the mud pit belly flop. I would have to imagine that the fatter you are, the more props you get from your fellow rednecks. God bless America.

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