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Jul 11 2010

I Wish I Could Say This Was Fake

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I’ve never been to Uganda and I’m quite certain this video has decreased the odds considerably.  I mean there’s being against homosexuality and then there’s getting into gruesome horrid detail about their sexual practices.

These guys are about as hardcore as I could possible imagine.  Yikes.

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  • Duhh

    This has to be the finniest thing you have ever posted here!! The last line of this video makes the whole thing worth it!!! I was in tears from laughter!!

  • Duhh

    ^Funniest^ LOL….See I was still laughing at the video and couldn’t even type…

  • http://xaotikdesigns.com Adam

    Wait, they talk about fisting, then ask the children to leave? Shouldn’t you o that first?

  • Duhh

    Obama…da global poo poo eater…LOL

  • http://none guaniter

    These guys seem as though they’re having more fun than the homosexuals they describe. It sounds like a classic case of the man who joins the censorship committee so he can watch all the latest porn that comes out.

  • John

    Guaniter, whether its true or not, I sure agree with you.

    That minister is so homophobic that he tells the group only what an EXTREMELY SMALL group of people practice but he makes it sound as if all gay people do it. I’d like to know how he found his information and those pictures. I just thought, breeders do it to.



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