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Jul 09 2010

Five Types of Online Memberships Worth Paying For

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Given how much information is available for free out there, it’s getting increasingly difficult for people to make money through pay sites.  I mean who the hell wants to pay a monthly fee for something when there’s a 99% chance there’s something similar available at no cost?

Well there are a couple of reasons to pay.  First is that most of the free stuff is illegal (even though it’s tough to get caught).  Second, if you are at the right site, the paid sites generally offer a better quality product.  Well, they better.

I have personally found a number paid sites that I can see worth paying for and in my own experience there are five in particular that I feel are worth the bucks…..

The Right Porn Site


I may hear a lot of backlash on this one but I got two reasons:  quality and viruses.  Sure I know of every single free porn video site out there.  I can run down a list of 20 and we’ll all be on the same page.  However, it’s nice to be able to download a full, quality movie that I can rip on a DVD in the span of 20 minutes.  It’s also nice to know that I won’t have any viruses after doing so.  Most quality pay porn sites are like 20 bucks a month.  Small price to pay if you’re serious about your porn.

Specialty Profession Sites


If you’re a lawyer, doctor, trucker, finance guy, whatever the profession and you’re serious about your job it usually pays to be part of an organizational site that can connect you with other people in your industry.  If you’re serious about networking then obviously Linkedin is a no brainer as well.

Job Board – If You’re an Employer


Employment is a sector that will always important and will not go away anytime soon.  People need jobs, period.  And employers need to find candidates for their open positions.  If you’re looking for a job you should NEVER pay for a site.  However, if you need people, posting a position on a large job board like Monster or even a specialty job board like a Skillsfinders is well worth the price (even if you don’t find someone you’ll still likely meet quality candidates).  And if you’re a recruiter?  The fee you’d make on a placement would pay your membership dues for years to come.

Music/Movie Sites


Yes most of us have downloaded music illegally for a number of years but if you want to grow up then pay for it already.  Itunes is obviously the one that comes to mind but there are thousands of places to download music at a very cheap price.

Online CRMs and Contact Services


Organization is a very tough thing in this day and age.  I don’t know how people still use like 1000 Post-Its for all their daily chores.  But if you’re in sales, or own a few websites you need to organize yourself in a clear and concise manner.  Online CRMs are well worth the monthly cost especially if you’re lead list is in the 1000s.  And what about newsletters?  What if you have 10,000 members on your site?  You can’t just use Gmail to email them all.  Products that enable you to connect and organize info online are well worth the cost and are time savers.

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