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Jul 05 2010

She’s Uncoachable: “All Natural” Sydney Glamour Model Berenger Rose

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Berenger Rose

Why do I get the feeling the “all natural” part of Berenger Rose might be a fallacy?  Oh I don’t know because if I really found out that those were real I might actually have a heart attack.  Seriously media, you can’t go throwing around this all natural tag at us.  At some point in this woman’s career she’s had to have had work done.

I refuse to believe anything else.   Although every single place I look I see this all natural thing.  I’m very confused right now.  More frustrated than anything else.  I’m having one of those “how come I never see these girls walking down the street?” moments.

Ugh.  More of Berenger after the jump

Berenger Rose Berenger Rose Berenger Rose Berenger Rose Berenger Rose Berenger Rose Berenger Rose Berenger Rose

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  • ZOO Man

    I know her well, and they are 100% REAL!

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  • http://goodstuff4u.multiply.com/photos/album/19/HOT_CHICKS_AND_NSFW_BLOGROLL GOODSTUFF

    ZOO Man
    Here on our plant, the people from the fowl think tank believed that the anorexic duckwalker sub class of duck bill mutants will morph into non migrating ducks. This is due to applying perceived beauty enhancing make-up inside their bodies.


  • http://www.sugartwist.com bry

    ZOO man

    How come a guy like you know her well? It’s too easy to determine a natural beauty. This one is not.

  • aretha

    I’ve known her for years. She is natural, but you gotta remember makeup and airbrushing. She’s like a more normal version of her pictures in person. And she doesn’t go around in full makeup either.

    She is totally natural, but at the same time, you wouldn’t recognise her from these pics if you saw her walking down the street. Maybe when she’s done up for a big night out?

  • Good mum

    I’ve also known her many many years. Her real name is Sarah. She is 27.She has a daughter. Who she abandoned last year to go and try get famous in America. Said she would return in a month on “holiday” and six months later she came back. One month back in Australia and she still hasn’t seen her child let alone raise it. Her breasts are real. While she does have fuller lips, she had then cosmetically enhanced even more. Her hair is not real. Not a blonde. And actually has very very short hair that has been badly chemically damaged. There are a great many things the people in her life currently do not know about her.



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