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Jun 29 2010

10 Interesting Works of Sandwich Art

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Sandwich Art

I don’t know about you guys but when I look at food the last thing I generally think about is presentation.  Sure when I’m in a nice restaurant it’s kind of cool to see my food look like a shape or almost like a “work of art.”  However, what it all boils down to is what my food tastes like.

However, if you’re not like me and you do care if your food looks like a smiley face or an insect, then you might enjoy the pictures you are about to see.

From a delicious cordless mouse to an exquisitely creepy spider, meet some artworks made with sandwiches….. Continue Reading »

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Jun 29 2010

Burgler Gets His Ass Kicked by an English Wrestler

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When you’re in a recession, you might think you have to resort to thievery, but if you do, don’t break into a guy’s house who is also poor, and also a giant wrestler. One burglar got a dose of instant karma when he tried just that.

A hapless thief soon discovered he had chosen the wrong house to burgle when he came face-to-face with the owner – a 20-stone wrestler.

‘Maybe it was the adrenalin, but I wasn’t scared because this is my house, my castle, as they say in England.’

‘He looked at me and said; ‘Oh, s**t!’ and pushed me against the wall so I gave him a kick in the stomach and that slowed him down.’

‘He was crying and saying “Leave me alone” but he was lucky I didn’t kill him because of the way I felt at the time.’

The guy was trying to steal his son’s laptop, something Adam was none too happy about, and the guy got his just desert. Click here to see what his mugshot looked like in the end.

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Jun 29 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Hawaiian Tropic Model Emma Taylor

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Emma Taylor

For those of you that need to know, Emma Taylor from Brisbane, was the first runner up and Miss Photogenic in the Ralph Australian Swimwear Model of the Year competition.   She was also Runner up in the 2008 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Australia Competition.   Are we seeing a trend here?

Dammit Emma.  We want you to win these competitions!  Stop placing second.  Oh I’m just kidding.  I think we’re all very proud of this Australian beauty and I’m honored to share sexy pictures of this blond with my readers.

In one of the only photoshoots I know of her, here is Emma Taylor in Ralph Magazine

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Jun 29 2010

The Tragedy of Manhood in Japan

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(click to enlarge)

This picture is saved to my computers as “sadness.jpg,” making it officially the most depressing file in my C drive.

It’s a picture of the most tragic trend in Japan, the propensity for grown men to fall in love with Hentai body pillows when they can’t (or even stranger, don’t want to) attract real girls. Buuuut you usually don’t take them on the SUBWAY WITH YOU.

Man, does that guy look lonely. Err, ronery.

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Jun 29 2010

The French Create the Most WTF Commercial of All Time

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This might be one of the shortest videos I’ve ever posted here, but it also might be the strangest.

It’s a ten second commercial for Orangina, which is an orange juice drink from France. So why then, praytell, does this commercial feature

A) A man-shaped mountain lion

B) A man-shaped mountain lion using Orangina as aftershave

C) A man-shaped mountain lion using Orangina as aftershave with a male lover

Uh, what? Someone fill me in here, please.

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Jun 29 2010

The University of Maryland’s Third Annual Undie Run

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Maryland Undie Run

Man it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a legitimately good Undie Run.  I miss those days.  I truly do.  And while this particular undie run happened over 2 months ago I think it’s safe to say that there are still plenty of you out there that don’t have records of this blessed event.

The event was put together by a company called Route One for Life which is a non profit organization that raises money in the fight against Domestic violence.   The site itself was founded with the purposes of helping regional causes and having fun while doing it.

Oh so that explains it!  Might as well have drunk college kids running around in underwear, rocking out to music, and having push up contests as long as it’s for a good cause right?  Whee!

More underwear after the jump

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Jun 29 2010

Great Moments in Jeff Van Gundy

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Van Gundy

As a Knicks fan I think it’s safe to say I’ve missed Jeff Van Gundy ever since he resigned in 2001.  It just never felt the same when went on to coach the Rockets.  And if you’re a true Knicks fan I think you can now appreciate his presence on that team.  Something tells me that if he were still around this team wouldn’t be one of the dumbest in all of sport.

I gotta say that I was a little skeptical when Van Gundy first became a color man back in 2007 (almost by accident).  At first I thought he was too loud, constantly yelling, and just overall annoying.

But ever since he and Mark Jackson hooked up it’s been nothing but hilarious.  Plus the man doesn’t mind being the butt of a joke as you can clearly see with is awesome ESPN commercials.

To honor Mr. Van Gundy I’ve selected some choice videos that you will enjoy…

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Jun 29 2010

Just the Tip Tuesday: Vanessa Carlton is Out, Shutting off the Internet, and Two Tickets to the Gun Show

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Click on the photo for more of Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton is a grammy nominated singer/songwriter who’s also an accomplished Pianist.  What’s more important is that she also just announced she’s Bisexual.  So she’s got that going for her…which is nice.

More accomplished hotties at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Tips

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Celebrities have malfunctions all the time – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

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Jordanne Meryl is quite the hottie – [Sublime Blog]

Who is going to win the Mini vs. Porsche challenge? – [Pedal to the Medal]

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Obviously Chris Rock is one funny dude – [Atom]

Grandpa’s cell phone contact list is amusing – [Icanhasinternets]

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Funny “before they were famous” clip of the day – [The DW]

Having delicious cocaine with Lindsay Lohan – [Cityrag]

Penelope Cruz takes her guns to the beach – [Don Chavez]

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Jun 28 2010

Randi Ingerman Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Randi Ingerman

Randi Ingerman is perhaps one of the worlds greatest MILFs ever. She’s an Italian model and actress who is most notable for starring in Miami Vice…no, not the horrible new one…the awesome 80s show. How friggin’ awesome is that? Seriously.

More MILF types at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

Imogen Hammer Hotties Foto X Files Point of Boob Hot Golfer Imogen

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Jun 28 2010

Disturbing Kids Drawings

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Kids Drawings

When you were a kid what kinds of things would you draw?  I can remember doodling and coming up with some strange ideas.  Little did I know that what I was drawing might be symbolic of my own life and the situations I was dealing with on a daily basis.

I mean it’s one thing if you’re drawing a weird looking monster.  It’s another if you’re drawing a male monster beat the crap out of a female monster.  Ya dig?

So something tells me that whatever was going on in the lives of the kids that drew these pieces couldn’t possibly be normal

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