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Jun 25 2010

My Favorite Spring Break Bikini Contest Of All Time

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Bikini Contest

Look, I know that the title of this article is somewhat of a bold statement but I’m going to explain myself here.  Throughout the world there are tons of Spring Break bikini contests.  Tons of them have nudity which should put them in the elite category.  However, that’s not necessarily so and let me explain why.

For me to really love a Spring Break bikini contest there’s gotta be some fun stuff going on.  First of all, I love it when there’s a bunch of dorky dudes lying around the pool looking like schmucks watching the girls.  Second, I love when the girls sexually dance together.  And third?  I kind of like it when the girls actually look obtainable and aren’t all model quality.  There’s something genuine about that.

This gallery has all three and it’s the only one that I believe has all three firing on all cylinders.  You’ll see what I mean.  Enjoy!

Bikini Contest

That chubby guy is absolutely awesome.  Zero chance he kissed a girl on that vacation.

Bikini Contest

Skin to skin.  Man that makes me giddy.

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Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest Bikini Contest

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  • http://beforepartb.com/ Roger

    Hey, Natty! I do believe that is the finest compliment I’ve ever received on my Flickr stuff… and yeah, it was a very good day. Looking back on these shots is a handy way to remember the Gulf Coast before BP took a shit on it.

    Quick request, though… can you hook me up with a link to http://beforepartb.com/ in this post? I’ve only got one gallery from this particular contest up there right now, but I shot 1,000+ photos and videos that day, so more will come when I get off my lazy ass and sort the bikini’d wheat from the occasional bit of cellulite-ridden chaff.

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