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Jun 24 2010

Restaraunt In Trouble for Offering Lion Meat Burgers as a World Cup Promotion

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This is one of the more strange stories I’ve heard in a while, and I write one of these things every day. A restaurant in Arizona in a heaping helping of trouble after they started offering LIONS meat burgers as a promotion for the World Cup. Uh, what?

The story started when Cameron Selogie, owner of Il Vinaio restaurant in Mesa, Ariz., bought about 10 pounds of so-called African lion meat, planning to mix it with ground beef to make burgers honoring the FIFA World Cup’s South African location. Selogie sent an e-mail newsletter to his restaurant’s patrons advertising the special.

That newsletter — which was the sole publicity Selogie had planned — exploded into a media blitz when one of the e-mail recipients turned out to be an animal activist.

The story picked up legs after the activist spread it around, and an investigation was launched to see just where the hell one actually buys lion meat. As it turns out, it’s the byproduct of a skinning business, and it costs $10 a pound.

Tastes like chicken, I presume?

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