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Jun 24 2010

The Best Archer in the World is a Fat Korean Dude?

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I always wondered if there was anyone who could mimic Robin Hood in real life, and it turns out, the person who can is really more of an Asian version of Little John.

This video showcases a number of the world’s best archers at a tournament in Korea, but the one you need to watch in particular starts at 2:25.

That can’t be real, can it? And even if it is, that’s got to be a whole lot of luck and not just skill. Can you honestly plan that with the slight and random variations in wind? I don’t know.

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2 responses so far

  • Dude

    Watch the summer olympics archery events. The Koreans are always on the platform. Usually with gold.

  • Dave

    Yes it can be done. My daughter did the arrow inside thing in a competition some years ago. It happens some times each year. You have to be good though – or lucky!



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