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Jun 23 2010

Seven Sultry Belly Dancing Videos

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I happen to love belly dancing but there’s something I want to get out in the open about it.  Does it really mean a woman is a better lover?  I’m gonna go with no.  And here’s why.  Belly dancing does make a chick look sexier.   I’ll give you that.  And mentally because you’re more attracted to the female you might feel you have a better sexual experience.

However, does it mean she’s any better?  No, it does not.  Oh and by the way this is assuming you have sexy with belly dancers a lot which I’m sorry to say I do not, nor ever will.  Still though, I’m praying for the day the wife says “open marriage.”

Just kidding honey.  I love you!  Now let’s look at some sexy belly dancing videos….

One of the Most Amateur Videos Ever

How can one possibly enjoy this music?

The Oregon County Fair Girl

There’s more than just belly dancing going on here.  This chick is pretty awesome.  Watch all the dude reactions.  Priceless.

Anita Pops a Lot

This is the kind of chick that any of us probably went to high school with.

Obviously Shakira has to be in Here

I love how tiny she is.  What a sex pot.

Sexy Russian Dancer Aliya Kurbanova

Maria Shashkova

known as the hottest belly dancer out there.  Not a bad title and pretty accurate if you ask me.

This woman would be a very selfless lover.

Regine Tolentino

This is my new favorite song.

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