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Jun 23 2010

Baby, Cause I’m a Thug

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This is probably the coolest kid I’ve ever seen, and that’s clearly what he was going for, with his placement of a large number of permanent marker tattoos on various parts of his body.

I believe I see EAT and STAR on his hands, but what does it say on his arm? What language is that?  I also dig the Superman chest tattoos.

Just make this your Facebook profile picture, and the ladies will come running man, I guarantee it.

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6 responses so far

  • David

    Looks like he’s not wearing underwear

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  • Limitus

    looks more like “fat star” which i could understand better^^

  • The Mutt

    Mama mehr me go to bed early because it was a school night.

  • me

    fuck yeah glad this is being most watched

  • Bro

    It actually says “mama doesn’t love me”. No shit.



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