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Jun 18 2010

Police Raid Bar After a Woman is Mistaken for Justin Bieber

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It sounds like an Onion headline, but I assure you it’s not. Justin Bieber may look pretty feminine, but now it’s so pronounced the police are getting involved. You couldn’t script this better.

Regulars at the Mug and Mallet bar confirmed police entered the venue Saturday night, following reports that Bieber, 16, was drinking underage inside reported TMZ today.

Instead, they found a 27-year-old female Bieber lookalike, with the same petite frame and tousled short brown hairstyle as that of the pint-sized pop sensation.

The woman, known only as Katie, told TMZ she was mistaken for Bieber all the time – and was forced to produce her ID card to police to prove she was not him.

Yes, a 27 year old woman was mistaken for Justin Bieber, which sounds ridiculous, but you really couldn’t blame them could you? The kid does look like lesbian most of the time, it’s just a fact.

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