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Jun 17 2010

Chinese Dude Fights Eviction Using Homemade Rocket Launchers

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This is the story of one man defending his land in a way we haven’t seen since William Wallace stuck his sword in a bunch of English dudes. It’s a pretty crazy story, but one that’s inspiring in a way.

Yan Youde was a poor farmer in China who wanted nothing more than to tend to his land, and not get boned by the other people. Well, when evictors came to his house to throw him out, he decided to fight it in the best way he knew how. With rockets.

He had fended off two eviction attempts with his improvised weapon, which uses ammunition made from locally sold fireworks.

“I shot only over their heads to frighten them,” he told the China Daily of his attacks on demolition workers sent to move him off his land. “I didn’t want to cause any injuries.”

The rockets, which can travel over 100 yards, exploded with a deafening bang, the official paper added. It did not say if anyone had been injured.

The government is trying to steamroll his land and put up office buildings there, but Youde says the price they’re offering him is 5x less than it should be. But when push came to shove, he stood his ground, and shot a bunch of artillery up their asses when they tried to kick him out.

Bra-vo Youde, standing up for poor, crazy angry people everywhere.

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