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Jun 15 2010

These Might Even Be Too Big For Me

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Look don’t get me wrong.  I definitely think this guy is the man but at the same time, come on.  I enjoy big breasts just like the next guy but just like in life, a little too much of something can cause problems.

Us men talk about breasts and breast enhancements all the time.  I’m all for it but it’s a little different when you go from a B to a D and then a D to like a Triple E or something.   At that point it’s not an enhancement.  It’s almost comical.  The woman almost transcends being a human and becomes something you might see on Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

So I actually do have sympathy for those women who have natural gigantic cans and complain about it.  To all the Wendy Whoppers out there?  What were you thinking?

Still though, the pictures are fun to look at…..

Huge Breasts

Who do you think is gonna get more attention at the bar later? Seriously what the hell is this girl’s life like every day?  It can’t be serious.  It really can’t be.  I actually kind of feel bad in some ways.  Not bad enough but I do have feelings.

More Colossalness

Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts Huge Breasts

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4 responses so far

  • http://spewf.com Spewf

    There is a point where they are too big. These are all too big.

  • morrdigan

    Too big? Most. But I would take 2, 11 and 12 in a heartbeat. Jordan Carver and Wendy, yum.

  • Titus77

    There’s no such thing as too big. If you’ve ever had a pair of enormous tits in your hands you’ll never think anything is too big!

  • http://www.2busty.net LoveBigBoobs

    Enormous big tits, it’s real !!



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