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Jun 11 2010

Angry Clowns Protest to Prove Clowns Aren’t Angry

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A few days ago, a man was shot by two clowns on a bus in El Salvador. Yes, I mean literal clowns, not like, two guy clowning around. In El Salvador many clowns make a living doing tricks for people on buses, so needless to say, the real clowns are fuming over the imposters giving them a bad name.

The protesters _ wearing oversized bow ties, tiny hats and big yellow pants _ marched down San Salvador’s main street in an effort to both entertain and educate passersby. Several held signs insisting that real clowns are not criminals.

“We are protesting so that people know we are not killers,” said professional clown Ana Noelia Ramirez. “The people who did this are not clowns. They unfortunately used our costume and our makeup to commit a monstrous act.”

Clown-union leader Carlos Vasquez says he plans to issue IDs to all real clowns and urge police to detain those who do not have them.

There’s a Clown union leader! Do we have that here? God, who knew clowns took themselves so damn seriously.

And yes, despite all this, I am more convinced than ever clowns are shady as hell.

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