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Jun 09 2010

Five Reasons Why Texting Sucks

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Let’s get something straight.  I flat out don’t really like people.  In general unless I know you already, then I pretty much assume 99% of the population sucks thus a thing like texting is somewhat appealing to.  You get to avoid being in person and it’s way easier to avoid people you don’t want to talk to.

However, since I don’t really talk to too many people I don’t like I find texting to be quite annoying at times.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think overall it’s a solid tool and I will depend on it for years to come.  I just think it’s unfortunate the longer we go in life, the less personal we become.

Here are five reasons why texting sucks

1.  It takes too long to have a conversation


Have you ever been in a texting conversation that takes literally a half an hour that could be accomplished in a 2 minute phone call?  It’s either that people just HATE other people or they’re really afraid of making phone calls these days.  Folks, it’s your friends.  It’s not like your cold calling and soliciting business.  Pick up the damned phone and make a call.

2.  People now depend on it and expect you to know stuff


“Didn’t you see my text?”  No, I didn’t.   I didn’t see your frigging text.  I’d have seen if you called.  Not everyone in the world is all hip to texting you know.

3.  It’s Extremely Impersonal


I went over this in the intro but man it’s like instant messaging.   It’s like there’s 24 hours in a day folks.  You can probably save at least 5 hrs a week wasted on texts by simply speaking to or meeting with someone.  No matter how many gadgets we form out there, nothing can replace personal interaction.

4.  The Continuation Bar or Multiple Texts for One Long Message


I can’t stand when someone sends me a long message and it separates into like four different texts.  I don’t know where one stopped and the other began.  Perhaps it’s because I still carry a small lowly cell phone.   Still though, it bugs me.

5.  Sexting


Are you too much of a wuss to tell someone you want to bang them in person?  Give it a rest.  The more sexting that happens the worse real life sexual encounters will be.  Watch.  The expectations are going to be way too high because of this sexting garbage and under performance will pervade this country.

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