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Jun 03 2010

Whatever Happened to the Star Wars Kid?

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Yup, that’s him. As it turns out, the internet rumors were false. He didn’t kill himself or go insane and live in the woods somewhere, despite his internet fame, Ghyslain Raza (awesome name) actually grew up pretty normally, and is working toward a law degree today. But it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing to get there.

Ghyslain and his parents would later sue the families of the three classmates who leaked the video in 2003, for around $250,000. According to the lawsuit, which resulted in a settlement, “Ghyslain had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large.”

For Ghyslain and Alexey, their characters will forever be tied up with the myths fashioned by a click-hungry internet. “i don’t think his life was ruined or he killed himself,” says a Youtube uploader of the “Star Wars Kid” video. “these are what people always tell me but where is the proof? don’t rely on wiki to get your answers. most people want to think the worst because that’s a common initial reaction. i don’t go on this account much but enjoy coming back to read all the mail people take the time to send me. as for offers on advertising sponsorship, i am still considering, i have a lot of loans to pay off.”

He seems to be handling it rather well, being the most famous loser on the internet. Props to him for surviving all the abuse, and at least now, eventually, taking it in good stride.

Keep on, keepin’ on Ghyslain. And now once more, for old time’s sake:

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