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Jun 02 2010

Chinese School Teaching Boys Not to Be Pansies

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One Chinese elementary school is attempting to teach its boys to act more like men, as opposed to the little baby girls they are now.

 A Chinese school is teaching its boys to be more masculine as it’s worried they are turning into sissies.

Qinlinglu Elementary School in Zhengzhou, Henan province, has launched an initiative called ‘Looking for a Real Man’ to encourage boys to act more like boys.
As part of this the youngsters are taught how to act more masculine and must take an oath swearing to act like ‘real men’, reports the Dahe Daily.

Wang Jianhua, who has been teaching at the school for 14 years, says he has noticed that boys have become “more and more girly”.

He said: “During class breaks their favorite game is elastic band skipping, which is a typical girl’s game.

I want to know what exactly the curriculum in this program is. Grunting? Punching boards? Fighting Grizzly Bears? I’m not sure, but judging by that picture up there, whatever they’re doing is working to some degree.

They need to bring this program over to Japan, where Japanese teens are growing up to look like androgynous Final Fantasy characters with feathered hair. At least in the game those guys have huge swords! You just look like a tool in real life.

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  • SmartAZ

    Japan has boys? Wait, what? I only see pics of girls. The only Japanese boys I have ever seen were those two kids in the ninja movies!



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