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Jun 01 2010

Four Reasons Why You Loved Hotels as a Kid but Can’t Now

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Being a youth in the world has both its advantages and disadvantages.  But today I’d like to focus on some of the advantages.  I don’t know about you guys but when I was young I loved staying in hotels.  And one of the cool things about being a kid is that you’re basically oblivious to most things concerning “quality.”   As a kid most things are the same.  Whether it’s a filet mignon or a burger if you like both of those foods, they’re pretty much the same.  You just like them and that’s that.

And that goes for when I used to stay at a hotel.  I feel like nearly everything was cool just because I was away from home.  It was like going on an adventure.

Sadly, as I’m now older I realize that some of the coolest things about hotels I enjoyed as a kid are things I simply can’t appreciate as much anymore.  I think it’s because I’m now paying to stay these places.

Here are four worth noting…

There was a Game Room

Game Room

Didn’t it always seem there was a game room at hotels when you were little?  Hell I’m sure there probably still are at most, but I distinctly remember loving the fact that I could go spend money playing Pacman even though I had Nintendo waiting for me at home.   It was just a glorious thing.

Food was Always Good Even Though it Wasn’t

Hotel Buffet

When I look back, there were some pretty rancid hotels I stayed at as a kid but I think the fact that I was in a different place always made the food better.  Now?  Now I live in NYC and I’m spoiled.  But I think it’s more because I’m adult and when food sucks I kind of know it more than when I was younger.   Remember how awesome it was to eat sugar cereal at a hotel?  Man I loved Fruit Loops.

Rooms were always awesome no matter what

Hotel Room

I never took into account the fact that there was most likely semen on the covers.  I never really realized that those cots they bring up are full of infestation.  And yet no matter what, because it was away from home it always had that cool sleepover feel.   Yet at the same time I’m sure my parents were like “this place sucks.”  And  I know that today, if I’m in a subpar room, I’m not oblivious to it.

In Room Porn

hotel Porn

I’m not saying it isn’t awesome today.  But how much cooler of a novelty was in room porn when you were younger than now?  In today’s day and age, children can see porn whenever they want.  Back when I was like 12,  it was nearly impossible.  So if I was left in that room for more than 2 hours, what a treat it was to see naked chicks on spaceships.

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