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May 31 2010

Five Sports Terms That Make Zero Sense

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There are only so many great sports announcers out there and the one thing I’ve noticed is that they rarely make a huge effort to sound “different.”  What I mean is that sure, they have their catch phrases but generally their voices carry the broadcast enough and they don’t have to do anything special to woo us.

Unfortunately not all sports announcers are great and in this day and age I feel like the effort is just a little too much for my taste.   And given this lack of talent I think some guys go out of their way to say plenty of things that make zero sense.

For some reason words and phrases having zero to do with sports have made their way into mainstream dialect and it’s pissing me off.  Here are five sports terms that are just plain moronic.



Why is this term always used in boxing?  Jim Lampley says it all the time.  You can’t outclass someone in boxing.  There is absolutely nothing classy about boxing.  It’s two guys beating the shit out of each other.  What’s classy about that?  Nothing.  Not one thing.



Announcers always use the saying “the momentum in the game has changed” referring to one side now playing better and the other side starting to wither.  It just refers to a shift in score or “tempo.”   But in reality?  Momentum means this:  the product of the mass and velocity of an object.  That is all.  It has zero to do with sports.  It’s a physics term.  Why someone brought this term into sports is beyond me.  It sounds kind of cool but is completely wrong.

“Nice Piece of Hitting”


What does that mean exactly?  Piece?  A Piece of hitting?  How about display?  Or how about a nice series of swings?  There’s no such thing as a piece of anything that has action.  Like you don’t say “that was a nice piece of free throws.”  “That was a nice piece of touchdowns.”  Find a new phrase baseball people.

“Dropping Dimes”


The Urban Dictionary website notes that to “drop a dime” (he dropped a dime on George for stealing the car) is slang meaning to turn someone in for a crime (when there were payphones and payphone calls cost a dime!). Dropping a dime is thus assisting in the capture of a criminal, and, by extension, assisting a teammate in a score.

Man talk about taking it far.  “Thus assisting?”  So turning in someone for a crime has to do with assisting and that’s where it came from?  That’s absolutely awful.  No matter how you cut it a dime is ten cents and is in no way related to a basketball assist.  I’m sorry but it’s total bullshit and I’ve always hated the phrase.

“Raise the Roof”

Raise Roof

OK raise the roof is not that bad but I had to share this definition because it’s incredibly awesome, not to mention the picture above rules.

A dancing motion where by the participant pushes both hands up in the air, as if performing a soulful military press with the hands open and facing up towards the ceiling. usually done in groups. also see douchebag.

Best part: also see Douchebag.

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2 responses so far

  • the antoine

    outclassed means someone isnt in the same class of fighting as the other person.. makes sense.. it doesnt mean someone is being more classy than the other person.. duh..

  • Prime Director

    There are definitely different classes of fighter… club fighter, journeyman, gatekeeper, prospect, contender, champion, pound-for-pounder… and each plays an important part in the fight game.

    Watch more boxing and the idiom in question will begin to make sense.



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