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May 27 2010

Five Sports That Are Boring to Watch on TV but are Great in Person

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There are certain times when it’s fun to simply sit around and watch sports.  Hell it’s the right of every male on a Sunday.  But man does it suck when there are nothing but boring sports on.  Well, unless you want to fall asleep by the TV.  In that case it’s perfect.

However, in the world of sports there are definitely some niches of sport that are way better in person.  In fact they kind of suck on TV to tell you the truth.  But the real experience of being there?  It’s awesome.

Here are five sports that are boring to watch on TV but have a great real life experience



Let’s face it.  Hockey is by far one of the most boring sports to watch on television but have you ever been to a game?  It’s electric.  Tons of noise, the penalty box is great, the ice girls are fantastic and if you get to watch a fight it’s a great bonus.  But man it’s slow on TV.  Ugh.

Horse Racing


Good lord have you ever been to an OTB?  That might be the most depressing and boring place in the world.  I mean yeah you’ll see some “interesting” people but let’s face it, it’s brutal.  And who actually watches a horse race on TV?  In person however, it’s a great experience.  Hell kids love it because of the horsies and have no clue of the gambling and for us adults it’s nice to be outdoors and perhaps have a chance to win some coin.

Monster Trucks/Drag Racing/NASCAR


I group these all into one because they’re the redneck stuff of the group.  Monster Trucks is by far one of the coolest events I’ve ever seen in person.  On TV you kind of lose yourself and get agitated by the announcers. As for the other two, the energy on a racetrack is unmatched as is the sound of the engines. But on TV?  Cars going in circles?  No thanks.

Baseball – Many Would Say


I happen to enjoy watching baseball but you have to admit it can be damned boring.  But nothing compares to a day at the ball park.  Catch yourself with a hot dog, the sound of the crowd when a HR is hit?  There’s nothing like it.



Unless you live in Europe soccer completely sucks to watch on TV.  Come on America.  I know 95% of you are with me.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome in person.  Sure the game is kind of boring but nothing matches a soccer crowd.  These people are nuts.

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  • Malaka

    There goes another stupid american calling the fastest sport on earth slow. How can you watch basketball and call hockey, the most exciting game slow… for shame

  • Craig

    Hockey? Are you serious?

    1. Golf
    2. Baseball
    3. Autoracing
    4. Tenis
    5. Football

    No one watches Horse Racing so it shouldn’t be a consideration.

  • Robin

    “Soccer” is far more tence and exciteing to watch than any thing else listed here, and way better to watch than american football. It isnt interupted by ad breaks every ten seconds of play! For shame Natty.

  • Tim

    We call it slow because it is.
    At any given time you can have 22 players on the field and rarely are less than 5 doing anything and usually only 2 are doing anything important.

    Its literally the only sport where most of the team spends most of the match doing nothing but waiting

  • C

    Soccer blows to watch, period. The only way it would be remotely worth watching is if you got a blow job every time someone scored. (Oh yeah, that’s like never…)

    NASCAR isn’t a sport. It’s driving a car. People drive to work every day, and that doesn’t make it a sport.

  • blake honda

    well, imo (not yours), my top 8 exciting sports to watch are…

    1. Basketball
    2. American Football
    3. MMA/Boxing
    4. Pool Tricks
    5. Lacrosse
    6. Handball
    7. Tennis
    8. Ping Pong

    and my top 8 boring sports to watch are…
    1. Golf
    2. Cross Country
    3. Cycling
    4. Curling
    5. Soccer
    6. Nascar
    7. Baseball
    8. Hockey

  • Chris

    Football is OK on TV, lousy in person. I love hockey both ways(play it, too). I don’t watch basketball at all. Soccer has essentially replaced baseball among my sports preferences. I live near Boston, and yet I’m a bigger follower of the EPL than MLB these days. For various reasons, I’ve drifted away from our national pastime. Soccer is continuous, it doesn’t take forever, and, intangibly speaking, it has verve, if you will. Baseball has become a snoozefest in a lot of cities.

  • dave

    dude….you’re an idiot, Hockey is not boring at all, and baseball isn’t even entertaining at a game, american football is sick, but it can be hella boring

  • john

    fastest sport on earth:P:P????? defintly aint football ,, check out gaelic football or hurling , ,irish sports . especially hurling the skill and speed of every minute of the match wipes d floor with football;)

  • Da Rooster

    Hockey ???

    Seriously, if you think hockey is boring to watch on TV you should just admit to yourself that you know nothing about the game and move on .

    As for “soccer”, only in North America is the game called soccer by the way in the rest of the world it’s football because you know you play it with your feet unlike the North American “football” where the feet are hardly ever used .

    I will admit it’s difficult if you didn’t grow up playing/watching/eating/sleeping/breathing the game it’s difficult to watch on TV or even live for that matter

  • Anthony

    dude did u hit ur head into the wall before u made ur list of boring sports. hockey boring. u must be saying that just to annoy us hockey fans or ur a real moron i say the latter. this is my list

    1. basketball
    2 horse racing
    3 baseball
    4 golf
    5 car racing

  • hockey

    Any sport sucks ass to watch if you don’t play it or understand how it’s played.

    No other sport offers as much consistent physical contact, fighting (where they’re only given a 5-minute penalty; what American sport does that?), very few stoppages, and is that fast-paced. In fact, the puck moves so quickly that some dumb-ass American’s changed the colour of the puck so fellow dumb-ass American’s could follow it on TV. Canadian TV killed that noise and it became quite the joke up here. Who can’t see black on white?

    Gotta love the idiotic comment about “ice girls”. Only in America would that be a draw to a game and not the sport. So desperate. Toronto doesn’t have “ice girls”, nor does Montreal. If only America had it’s way with hockey, it’d become a farce like football, cheerleaders and drug dealers. No thanks.

  • Jay

    Baseball and American Football are the slowest most boring sports ever invented. I read somewhere that American Football games only actually have about 11 minutes (avg) where the ball is actually in play. 11 MINUTES!!!!!

    And Baseball is just grown men in pyjamas playing ‘Rounders’. Sorry, it is.

    I live in the UK and I love NHL first, then Football (the proper game where you play with your feet, not your hands). Ice-Hockey is so exciting and physical, and you have to appreciate a 6’8″ dude that can skate with great balance and score!

  • asdjoiqoiw

    Hockey is one of the few sports that I enjoy watching on TV. Granted, I didn’t enjoy it too much when I didn’t understand the sport, but it’s not that difficult to pick up the basics. I love how play is almost always continuous. I’ve never felt emotionally attached to any other sport. It is however 100 times better when you’re actually at the game.

    To me, these are the most boring sports to watch:

    1. Basketball
    2. Soccer (Sorry to everyone outside the US, but that’s what I know the sport as)
    3. Tennis
    4. NASCAR

    Football (American) is rather boring to watch because of all the stoppages and commercials. But there are some amazing plays.

    Baseball is a thinking man’s sport, but I can see why many would call it boring.

  • d

    As a canadian hockey is really the only sport that matters however it is such a broken game that you must follow the puck on tv. At the game you can actually see the strategy and style that a team can play. It also helps to be able to zero in on a mesmerizing hcokey player like ilya kovalchuk. Playoff hockey is the tops and way better in person.

  • Jay

    Hockey bad on TV? Really???? I attend regularly a minor league team in my area and I found sitting in the lower bowl or up along the glass was the worst viewing of the sport. If the puck was down on one side of the ice, you couldnt see it the action. Granted, it was the best seats when the action was in your viewing area. I suggest getting seats mid section in the mid or upper bowls. You see the whole ice and action. As for TV, viewing hockey is way better than it was as in the 70′s and 80′s with mulitple camera and don’t forget, HD improved viewing hockey on TV! As for “Ice Girls”, wtf?!?! I been to my fair share of NHL and minors games around the US and Canada, I can only think of 2-3 teams that had this. If this was the draw to get people to go, your an idiot, save you money and dont ruin my favorite sport this this crap.



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