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May 26 2010

Robot Child to Haunt Your Dreams, Stalk You in Real Life

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Good lord, I’ve seen some unnerving robots in my day, but this one takes the cake, and shoves it right down its metal throat.

I’m assuming this is Japan because well, of course it’s in Japan, and it’s a child robot attached to wheels to keep it stable. Watch it as it hunts down it’s terrified prey and attempts to eat their kneecaps!

I think that out of all the apocalyptic scenarios I’ve seen in movies over the years, the most likely is definitely Terminator in another hundred years or so.

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3 responses so far

  • Alex

    Where is this from, I must learn more!

  • vastinfest


    where did i put my shotgun?..

  • haha

    eh, You just know the conspiracy nuts will make this out to be more than some odd-taste toy.



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