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May 26 2010

Five Safety Tips We Learned as Kids but Rarely Follow As Adults

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Child Safety

When you’re a kid you’re only real idea of child safety comes from your parents.  If it doesn’t come from them then what the hell are you going to know?  And as a child there are certain “rules of thumb” that even today as adults are still burned into our brains.

But somewhere along the way, even though we still know these rules, we simply stop adhering to them.

And honestly it’s just completely dumb on our parts.

But here are five rules we all learned as kids and ignore now as adults

Wear a Seatbelt (in the backseat)


Honestly do you know anyone that wears a seatbelt in the back seat?  I live in New York City and I’m zooming around in cabs and never wear a seat belt.  It’s about the dumbest thing I can possibly imagine yet I don’t do it.  I’ll wear one more often when I ride in cars with friends or family.  But for some reason we just kind of let that one go.

Wear a Helmet


Let’s say you’ve known 500 people in your life, as in you really know them.  How many of these people wore helmets on their heads while riding a bike past the age of 13?  Exactly.  Again, it’s a no brainer.  You should be wearing the damned thing yet people just don’t do it.

Look Both Ways Crossing the Street

Cross the Street

Yeah, like I’ll ever do that.

Wait For the Light at the Crosswalk


You don’t see cars for a mile in each direction.  No cops.  No nothing.  Can you honestly tell me you ever wait for that light?

Don’t Talk to Strangers


Ever get stuck with directions?  Ever need to know the time?  I’ll bet you I talk to a stranger nearly every single time I need information and someone I know isn’t around.   I guess just be careful who you do talk to, right?  Eh, whatever.

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