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May 25 2010

Five Things You Have to Be Able to Do In Front of Your Siginificant Other

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I just celebrated my one year anniversary a few weeks ago and since that time I’ve had a chance to reflect on a few things that make my marriage work.  I mean I hope it works considering it’s only been a year.  Then again I’ve been with my lady for over 5 years now and I think that qualifies as a nice base of knowledge in working relationships.

The one thing I realized that makes me and the wife work is our absolute 100% sharing of everything.  In particular I’m talking about the not so nice things.  The bodily functions and the bathroom antics.  If you don’t see this part of a human being then you’re not seeing it all.

Here are five things you have to be able to do in front of your significant other for your relationship to work



I happen to know of a married couple where allegedly the wife has never, not once farted in front of her husband.  While I suppose this is a tough feat to accomplish, why the hell do it?  Makes zero sense to me.  If you can’t fart in front of your wife/husband then what the hell is the point?  Plus it’s funny.  My wife always makes this funny embarrassed face and covers her mouth when she does.  I think it’s hilarious.

Sit on the Toilet


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the crapper and the wife is in a hurry.  Do I care that she interrupts me?  Kind of.  But the fact she’s willing to go in there and the fact that I don’t care is a great sign.  For better or for worse folks.

Burp Loudly


No I’m not talking about  going out in public and letting out a disgusting belch at a restaurant.  But I am saying that when you’re home who better to test out a power burp on than your wife?

Pick Your Nose

Nose Pick

We all pick our noses.   Again, not necessarily in public (though some people really don’t give a shit) but when you gotta dig in there sometimes they have to see it.  It’s just too bad.  I do it all the time.

Walk Around Naked


This one goes without saying.  It ain’t good to be shy with your body in front of your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.  The day you start hiding that stuff is when lies start to happen.

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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  • Frank

    I do all these things. Totally agree

  • Ken

    I love the implements they are using against the naked man: 1) Shield 2) Halberd type spear 3) Pole with the hoop…



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