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May 19 2010

Six Men to Be Locked Up Together for 500 Days

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Christ, I forgot Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin were in a movie together. How did that not spark the apocalypse?

Anyway, the real story. Six volunteers are about to be locked up in a 1,000 square foot module in Russia to simulate what a mission to Mars would be like, and if they would go insane and murder each other or possibly…fall in love.

There are three Russians, two Europeans and one Chinese guy. This sounds like the lead up to a joke. I hope the Chinese guy can speak Russian or English…

“It will be trying for all of us. We cannot see our family, we cannot see our friends, but I think it is all a glorious time in our lives,” enthused Chinese participant Wang Yue, who is the youngest volunteer at age 27.

“We don’t wash them. When the clothes are dirty we throw them out — out to outer space,” he said laughing, adding the crew would only get to shower once every ten days.

“It will be tough. A year and half is not a small thing. It is a very long time, but we are building a team for each other to help the one who is down,” he said.

What if they open the hatch at the end and it’s just the Chinese guy sitting there in a pool of blood with everyone else daed? “Ta-da! I won!” I’d watch that movie. Err, wait, what is this all for again?

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