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May 18 2010

Five Easy Ways to Get Under a “Guy That Cares” Skin

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FIeld of Dreams

There are some males out there that simply don’t give a shit.  I mean they don’t care what they look like, what people say, or even how they feel.  These are truly liberated dudes and in some respects people to look up to.  But for the rest of us guys, most of us actually do care (whether we like to admit it or not).

And by caring I refer to giving a damn about one’s social status in the world, ability to get women, being good at sports, you know, guy stuff.  The drawback to “caring” is that you get super sensitive if one of these areas is tainted or your abilities in these areas are questioned.

That being said, if you really want to get at a guy’s goat, here are five simple things you can mention to him that will definitely piss him off (whether he admits it or not)….

Make fun of his hair


You’d think it’s only chicks right?  Wrong.  You tell a guy that his hair sucks and he may not tell you initially but you can be damned sure within five minutes he’s making a trip to the bathroom or he’ll check himself out in a car window to see if you’re telling the truth.  If you are, he’s gonna be pissed at himself.

Tell him he throws like a girl


Nothing bothers a guy more than if the way he throws a ball is questioned.   Hell if you tell him he does anything like a girl it’s gonna annoy him.  You might not see it, but he’ll be practicing in his own bedroom at night to rectify the situation.

Tell him he’s weak


No guy likes to be called weak but I tell ya it’s fun to show up dudes at the gym.  And if you know a guy can’t put up the weight, sometimes it’s fun to let him know about it.

Make fun of how much money he makes


This one is VERY personal and I only recommend talking about it if you want to lose a friend or simply piss off someone you hate.  It’s easily one of many males biggest soft spots.

Small Penis Remarks

Small Penis

If a guy really has a small penis and has to hear about it?  There aren’t too many worse things out there.   Story of my life man.  Story of my life.

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