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May 13 2010

Five Game Show Remakes That Could Actually Work

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Press YOur Luck

Given that movies are being remade at a pace that makes me really really uncomfortable we might as well jump on the bandwagon with other stuff.  Personally I can’t stand that movies I loved as a youth are being remade into the shit that spills out in theaters today, but if I’m to embrace the idea then I guess I have to put my thinking cap on.

Why don’t we just remake some classic game shows?  Think about it.  When you loved a game show weren’t you always tuning in?  I can think of tons of shows that I liked.  It doesn’t mean they’d work today but I’ve managed to narrow it down to five that I really think would play well if done right.

Here they are…..

Love Connection

I have one rule.  Bring back Chuck Woolery.  That’s really the only way I’d want it back.  But if he were in?  I would definitely tune in to watch that show.  Maybe make sure the contestants were real morons though.

The Gong Show

I know they tried to remake this already but I’m still convinced it could be funny.  Dave Attell hosting on Comedy Central?  Nice try guys.  Get it right on the next one and you’ll have a success. Kind of like Night at the Apollo or something.  Just make sure you have awesome people on it and it’s gotta work.  In today’s day and age with all the weird crap we love, it would have to at least appeal to someone.

The Newlywed Game

I just think the modern day couple as opposed to couples in the past might be interesting.  Clearly that Jerry Seinfeld show absolutely sucks but I would be welcomed to see the Newlywed Game make a comeback.

The Dating Game

Kind of the same deal as the Newlywed game.  Think about it.  The kinds of questions one could ask today have so much possibility.  Let’s face it.  Sex always happens sooner now and I can just imagine the show centering around hooking up, drinking, all kinds of shady stuff.

Press Your Luck

I just want to hear the phrase “No Whammy” again.

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2 responses so far

  • k3m15a

    Game Show Network did have a modern version of “Press Your Luck” called: “WhammY! The New Press Your Luck”

  • steve

    game show network does have a modern day version of “the newlywed game.”
    it is hosted by carnie wilson



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