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May 12 2010

Hero/Idiot Calls Cops on Himself for Drunk Driving

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No, this isn’t one of those “guy accidentally hits the wrong buttons on his phone in his pocket and the cops come and arrest him stories.” Though those are great too. Rather, Robert Beatty actually called the cops on purpose on himself. Why?

When police arrived on scene, they measured Beatty’s blood alcohol at .20. In Saskatchewan, experienced drivers with a blood alcohol level over .04 can be subject to administrative sanctions while those who blow over .08 can face criminal charges.

Beatty entered the guilty plea to an impaired driving charge in court on Monday.

He said calling the police was the best way to stop something bad from happening.

“I’m completely convinced had I continued driving that night, I would have probably killed somebody,” he said. “I have no doubt in my mind. I was that inebriated that night.”

Look man, I applaud the fact you wanted to do the right thing here, but couldn’t you just have pulled over and slept it off or called a cab? It’s like buying a bag of fertilizer then calling the cops and saying you were planning on blowing up a post office. Just don’t do it and plant some flowers in your yard instead!

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  • http://www.freaksmack.com/ FreakSmack

    This guy should have plead not guilty. Sure calling the cops on himself was a huge FAIL but if he stopped driving and pulled over then he wasn’t driving under the influence… All the cops would have to go on would be his phone confession, which would be thrown out of court because he was extremely inebriated at the time he gave it.



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