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May 11 2010

Four Things I will Let My Young Kid Do Even Though I Know It’s Wrong

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Every single time I go home to visit my sister and brother-in-law I’m astounded by how mature my 10-year-old niece is.  It really makes me feel like one of those guys who always says stuff like “I never did that when I was your age.”  But it’s true.  I just can’t believe the stuff kids do today.  I can only imagine how my brother-in-law must feel.  Guy must want to kill himself every day.

I mean before we know it the girl is gonna be going on dates, playing spin the bottle and God knows what else.  It’s just a fact we all have to face.  Kids are growing up much faster these days and you can either roll with it or do the best you can to plot against it.

But honestly,  it ain’t gonna work.  In my eyes the best you can do is try to teach your kids some responsibility.  That’s why I think I’m gonna let my kids do these four things at ages where I really believe they probably shouldn’t be doing them….

Drink Alcohol - Age 15


I first got drunk at the age of 15.  I began doing the whole weekend drunk thing at around 16 and all the while it was pretty well hidden from my parents.  No, I’m not saying to encourage kids to drink at these ages.  I’m just saying you know they’re going to do it anyway so the best you can do is really drill down on the important stuff like not drinking and driving.  Not drinking so much that you’ll puke.  Stuff like that.  I’m not sure it’ll help but honestly, what else can you really do?  No, I’m not gonna let my kid drink in the house or have parties but I’ll be damned straight to send him/her a message for when they do decide to drink.

Have Sex – Age 15

Teen Sex

Kids are having sex at 12 these days.  That much I know I will burn into the brains of my kids.   If I ever find out I swear I might kill them.  But again, they’re going to do it anyway so all you can do is just hammer down safe sex on them.  Honestly they’re not emotionally equipped for sex at these ages yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t burn it into their brains that if they don’t use safe sex they’ll die.

Stay Out Late – Age 15


If my kid stays out till 3am but doesn’t drink?  I’d rather them do that.  If my kid stays out late and has sex but uses protection?  I’d rather them do that.  There’s a fine line between an honest and open relationship and drilling down rules.

Have a Cell Phone – Age 11

Cell Phone

My niece is 10 and she has a cell phone now.  Technology is a bitch and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Hey at least we can keep tabs on our kids with all this satellite stuff now.  Privacy is no longer private and in this one case I can see a benefit.

P.S. I’m not a parent so what the hell do I know?

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  • Mercedes

    I agree wholeheartedly with almost everything. As a mom of a 4 year-old, I know I have some time before these things become an issue for me, but I already know that I would rather have my son drink or even smoke pot in the safety and privacy of my own home, instead of god-knows-where that may not be safe or where he could get himself into trouble. The only thing I disagree with entirely is the sex thing. I was 16 when I had my son, and I knew all about safer-sex, and even used condoms, but obviously, they failed at some point. Quite frankly, I do not want my son to have to deal with the difficulties of being a teen parent, and I certainly don’t want him to pay for one night of fun for the rest of his life, whether they keep the child or not, so IMO, sex is totally out of the question until you are at least done high school.



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